Pod People for Genealogy Family Trees

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Teach family genealogy to children. Family tree charts are great tools for helping children visualize the family structure. Many of us have no idea of our own history beyond a generation or two. Many modern family structures no longer include traditional lineage.


  • Does your child know where they stand in the family structure? Do you?
  • Do you know how your historic family arrived to the place where you were born?
  • Can you name an ancient relative who lived 100 years ago? 200 years? 500 years?
  • Have you considered testing your DNA to determine your genetic makeup?

Family tree charts, tools and diagrams can help easily catalog your family structure. Today with DNA testing and online ancestry web sites learning about your past is easier than any time in history. You and your child will love learning about genealogical history. In fact, knowing their family history may provide comfort by giving children structure and comfort about familial connections to understand who they are and perhaps why family members clash or disagree.

Family tree research is a good family oriented project for grandparents and other interested relatives. Don't forget to include adopted family members, in-laws, ex-laws and out-laws in the clan. Like it or not, these people are part of your past and important to the ultimate development of you :-)

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Easy Family Egg Pods

Chart your tree with Ancestry pod people. Children can decorate cute little egg pod people to represent aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, Mothers and Dads and so on... Apply pod people and ancestry charts to class projects for children's social studies projects. Add color coded, self-adhesive stickers such as stars, hearts and other shapes to designate status in the family. E.G. a gold star for Mom and Dad, a heart for adopted children, etc. For ideas on designing period costumes for designing blank egg template refer to wikipedia folk costumes to start.

Decorate ancestry diagrams with markers or Crayons for an extremely rewarding and educational project for children. Give family members a genealogical memory they may treasure for a lifetime and hand down to future generations.